Stephen Gammell’s Gallery of Children’s Art

So this week I decided to go a little out of the box and I picked a whole bunch of books from the same illustrator instead of the same author, to see if my kids would like all of their books.  And it worked!  Stephen Gammell’s illustrations were a success!  Every book I picked with him as an illustrator the kids loved!  The books were creative and fun and some had won big name awards.  What I really love the are the illustrations.  Stephen Gammell’s illustrations are bold and unique, colorful and creative and I love turning each new page.

Stephen Gammell’s kids books aren’t just pictures, they are stories in themselves.  Look close at each picture and you will find such creative and fun detail.  I loved reading these books to my kids and they love each of the books he chose to illustrate.  He must have excellent toddler taste 🙂

Some of our favorite titles:

Old Black Fly The adventures of a bad fly, who meets a sorry ending

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Mudkin Mainly a story of pictures.  A little girl, some mud, and an incredible imagination.

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The Relatives Came This book is an award-winning piece of art.  The vocabulary is a bit intense for my two-year-old, but the pictures kept her attention.

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The Secret Science Project that Almost Ate the School When a little girl is determined to win the science fair, she orders something online and gets way more than she bargained for.

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If your looking for more information and other book titles, check out more of  Stephen Gammell’s illustrated books!