Why Garden with Your Kids? from Jessica at The Little Farm Wagon

Enjoy this gardening inspiration today courtesy of Jessica Smith from Wilsonville, Oregon! Check out Jessica’s instagram @thelittlefarmwagon and facebook page where you’ll find more beautiful pictures of their gardening endeavor and made-to-order bouquets. -Bethany

My 15 month old toddler trips over the hose and falls into the Zinnias. I scoop her up, only to have her wiggle from my arms and head straight for the mud puddle created as my oldest son was helping water the vegetables and flowers. My middle son, rushes over and proudly holds up a not-yet-ripe tomato. As I’m explaining to him yet again which ones are ready to pick, the water suddenly sprays in our direction and we’re soaked. Meanwhile, my daughter is walking all over the baby flower seedlings that are starting to sprout.  It’s just another day on our family farm in Oregon where we all work together, growing vegetables and cut flowers.


Ever since I was little, my family has had a garden. We grew up helping plant corn and squash, cucumbers and pumpkins; and there were always green beans to pick.  Now, I’m passing on this same tradition to my own children. Each spring we prepare the soil, carefully plant the seeds and then watch them grow before our eyes.

When we step into the garden each day, there is always magic to behold. A tiny sprout just poking its way out of the soil. A honeybee buzzing around the flowers. A pile of potatoes dug up like buried treasure.

Gardening with kids is not easy, and it’s not always fun. In fact, it’s actually a lot more work.  But, as hard as it is, to me, it’s worth every effort made to include them.  Because it’s in the garden that we learn some of life’s most basic lessons.

I am teaching my children about meaningful hard work, persistence, faith, patience and generosity. As we carefully tend to each plant they are learning gratitude for our food and respect for where it comes from. They are learning to savor the everyday moments of life and to look for the miracles that surround us.

The hours spent together encourage teamwork and family unity. It doesn’t always look perfect, in fact, it hardly ever does, there’s still fighting and attitudes, sunburns and dirty feet, and often the kids are off playing while I’m weeding or pruning, but we’re outside, we’re learning, and we’re together, and that’s what matters.

~Jessica Smith~

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